Give people a reason to open your letter!

A blank envelope could come from anyone. But an envelope sporting your own design, logo, or message could only come from you. This way you can communicate with your customers or potential clients even before they open your letter. In fact, it could be the reason they do open it!

Small or large order volumes

No matter how large or small the volume of mail you want to send out, we can offer you printing services at reasonable prices. Sometimes it takes no more than a logo or a return address label to make you look professional.
If you need large amounts of envelopes or packaging we can offer even more options to custom-tailor them to your needs. Choose any color you want, any type of cut, window, or other additional feature. The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities.

Custom orders for all envelopes and other types of packaging

We offer sttractive postage options in all forms and formats ranging from classic envelopes to complex three-dimensional packaging solutions with flaps, windows, folds, and dye stamping elements. We are happy to help you create solutions that will make you stand out from the crowd!
Tell us about your ideas and needs. Your local sales team will be happy to help!

AirPro Bubble Envelopes

AirPro bubble envelopes offer perfect protection for fragile items. The strong bubble wrap protects against impact ensuring that the content of your envelope reaches its recipient unharmed. Try the unique shock absorber envelope!
For fragile goods
Strong bubble wrap protects against impact and keeps contents dry
Light weight saves postage fees
Elegant look
Ideal for eCommerce
FSC® and Rainforest Alliance certified

AirPro by BONG offers optimum protection for:

• Books
• CDs / DVDs
• Electronics parts
• Advertising material
• Samples

AirPro bubble envelopes are available in white and brown and can be printed according to your wishes. Colored AirPro are also available upon request.
Please refer to our flyer for more information on our AirPro product line. We are happy to help!